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While it may be hard to believe, considering millions upon millions of people utilize Chiropractic’s natural approach to healing, performance, and wellness everyday, but there are some people who are unaware of the many benefits that the chiropractic care in West Hartford can provide for them AND their families. Weird right?!

Ultimately you are the one responsible and accountable for your health, and as with all of your health choices, it behooves you be informed to make quality decisions for yourself and for the sake of your family.

Natural Care in West Hartford

At its heart, Chiropractic is pure, natural, and the most cost-effective option for gaining and maintaining your health, optimizing your performance, or just living really well! Besides, with all the information available, should anyone now-a-days seriously still consider MORE drugs and MORE surgery to equate to MORE health?

In making informed decisions about healthcare, one should critically consider these details. The Chiropractic approach has proven effective for over 100 years and our clinical data has been verifying what our patients have been saying all along - the RIGHT touch makes all the difference!

When severe degeneration and extensive damage does exist, chiropractic services can complement and support appropriate medical treatments such as surgery by relieving the musculoskeletal pain without the use of drugs.


For most, the Chiropractic adjustment really does feel amazing, sounds very satisfying, but rarely causes discomfort. The few patients who do report that the mild soreness following treatment is the same as if after exercise and gone within a day or so.

After an adjustment most patients can feel their nervous system is working better, have a much better range of motion in their joints, and seriously improved posture.

Depending on your care plan, Doctors of Chiropractic may also provide corrective strengthening exercises to restore the normal motor patterns to lock in and help the adjustment and great posture to hold. Combine all that physical work with some delicious whole-food meal options and you have yourself a decent start on your path towards a more healthier you!

Chiropractic care and Sports

While Chiropractic’s unique identity as a vitalistic, drugless and surgical-free health science is well known by other referring Doctors (MD, DO, PT, DMD, ACU), on the sidelines of almost every major professional sports team (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA) and utilized by most elite athletes of all sports (Olympics, NCAA, IFBB, CrossFit, Ultra-marathon), it is true that some in the general public may have some confusion regarding what chiropractic is and how it effects the body.

If this approach to True Health is appealing to you or if you would just like to know more, contact our team today!


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