Chiropractic Testimonials

We love Spine By Design!!! I love how I can tell Dr. Graham what’s been going on or what I’ve been up to each week and he knows exactly what to do. I always leave with a smile on my face and I’ve been feeling great

- Kate

I've dealt with chronic shoulder /back pain for years and didn't think there was a solution without meds or injections. I've been going to Dr. Graham for about a month and a half and I already have pain free days. I can't recommend him enough and I'm completely grateful for the progress so far!

- Melanie

Dr. Graham is an amazing chiropractor. He is easy to talk to. He listens to your issues and immediately addresses them. (The adjustment he gave me the other day was unbelievable.) He also is very helpful with giving you the best practical home exercises to keep the rehabilitation going. You get the full treatment with Dr. Graham. I highly recommend him.

- Bill

Dr. Graham is a truly a professional. He told me exactly what was going on with my back and what I needed to do get back on track. Highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fair price and quality care!!

- Zachary

I was one of those people that were terrified to see a Chiropractor. I had heard horror stories and believed them all. My husband had to go so I went on his consultation with him. The way Dr. Graham thoroughly explained the way things worked and how through xrays we could see the problem areas that needed to be addressed I was convinced to try. not only did my husband sign up...I did too. I no longer have the neck issues and headaches I was having. I sleep so much better at night. Dr. Graham is Amazing. I highly recommend him!

- Steve

Hands down the best chiropractic office I have been to! Dr. Graham has been extremely thorough throughout my entire care plan thus far. From the x rays and in depth review to explaining the adjustments he always makes sure that you are an active part in your care plan and not just a number. The results speak for themselves and it has been an absolute pleasure being a patient of his!

- Kriste


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